A different
approach in FM

It’s our core business to take over responsibility for your support and real estate operations. We focus to manage, develop and streamline these soft and hard FM functions. Being flexible and responsive so we can energize your business through our services. 

Therefore our approach is all about sparking and harnessing our energy. Using our ecosystem of complementary specialists to give you the fast and flexible backup that you need, without paying for what you don’t need. Channelling the right knowledge and resources towards a better and more productive working environment.

Total Facility

In this FM model, Flexim will manage and deliver the services, through strategic partnerships, joint-ventures, subsidiary companies or in-house resources so as to deliver all or at least most FM services to the Client organisation. Flexim will provide a total FM solution or a ‘’One-Stop-shop’’.

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FM managing

The managed services model has become central to the business strategy of many companies and could be a key driver of global competitiveness. This model fosters the development of long-term, multi-year, SLA-based relationships. Flexim takes responsibility and accountability for agreed- upon strategic business outcomes. Projects typically have a large scope and scale and the knowledge gained by Flexim is invested back into the system so that the client’s benefits increase year on year.

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What distinguishes an outsourcing arrangement from any other business arrangement is the transfer of ownership of an organization’s business activities (processes or functions)-or the responsibility for the business outcomes flowing from these activities-to a service provider. In a typical outsourcing arrangement, the people, the facilities, the equipment and the technology (the Factors of Production) are also transferred to the service provider, which then uses the Factors of Production to provide the services back to the organization. The people are often transferred to the service provider, but this is not always the case. An outsourcing arrangement can be either “tactical” or “strategic.”

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Asset & Real

Pick the package of services you require from our range of consultancy and management services to cover all the links in the value added chain for the entire life cycle of your property. Alternatively, select what you need for a specific project, utilising our services and professional expertise as and when required.

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Performance Management
& Consulting

Our dedicated consulting partners will help you to set-up and manage the performance of your organisation.

  • We can advise and train you to manage your internal process on ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 41011, etc.
  • We can coach you to maintain your management systems for internal audits, management reviews, documents and ITC solutions.
  • We take charge of your management systems and processes like outsourcing of your certification management process.
  • we create your table of excellence for specific activities or for associations.

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Our business

speed &

As a result of ever-increasing (technical) developments our clients need to adapt quickly to the changing world around us on a daily basis. What could be more pleasant than a partner who produces the desired quality while going along with that speed! Flexim is this flexible partner for its clients.

transparancy &
market conformity

Reliable and with entrepreneurial spirit, the Flexim staff provides in the best service. Service that is more than the market standard. Our staff always goes the extra mile. Also when clients don’t expect it. With an open sight and transparently to the surroundings.


‘ To be flexible ‘ is cast in the dna of Flexim. Our clients are essential. Not only what priorities they set at that time, but also what services they expect. Flexim always moves with her clients and will always adapt to the demands and wishes of the client.

& innovation

Flexim is an organization that follows its clients very closely. Even when they want to expand abroad. Flexim doesn’t stand still and follows the trends and innovations within the facility world carefully. Flexim often leads the business, because her facility roots lies in quite a few countries.

Curious how we can
energize your business?

We wonder how you arranged your facility organization and together we will look for opportunities to further professionalize your organization. Have you ever thought of setting up a management organization or even the empowering of your facility organization? Whether it’s the more efficient use of your team, the search for savings or flexibility of your service; We go with you and explain to you the possibilities.



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