31 August 2020

Rogier Verbeek appointed as new CEO Flexim Benelux

Flexim Group, an international provider of facility management services, appoints Rogier Verbeek as CEO and shareholder of the business activities of Flexim and sister company Elixim in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. He will take over from Richard Bruins who will remain at the company as non-executive director and who will focus on strategic projects aimed at further growth within the Benelux as non-executive director.

Rogier Verbeek is an experienced professional in the field of facility management services and has the ambition to contribute to the further development of the organization with the aim of becoming the market leader in high-quality facility management services. Flexim focuses on the market for both (integral) soft and hard services and their management.

‘The relevance of facility management services for people’s success and thus for the organization they work for is greater than ever. This also applies to the role that facility management has in the necessary transition to a sustainable and inclusive society. Within Flexim, I will continue to work together with the team on shaping meaningful services and close cooperation while keeping the perspective in mind of creating value for people and their living environment. Together with my colleagues, I want to make Flexim Group the most attractive organization in the facility market to work with and to work at’, says Verbeek.

Flexim Group is of Swiss origin and was established in 1998 by Stephen Cointre, President and principal shareholder. The highly developing and high-quality organization now has 21 offices in 14 countries and is growing rapidly. Flexim’s goal is to deliver the very best in facility management with great energy and thereby contribute to achieving the ambitions of clients. Flexim aims to be an international qualitative market leader.

For more information about this message, please contact Rogier Verbeek at rogier.verbeek@fleximgroup.com or + 31 (0)6 53446896. More information about Flexim can be found on the website: www.fleximgroup.com Information about sister company Elixim can be found on the website: www.elixim.com