A differtent
approach in Real Estate

We are a property management company which stands for comprehensive, high-quality services. This strong focus on the client-focused management of property distinguishes us from others. Professionalism in our work is one of the core values. As a property manager, we work for clients who make use of the property themselves.


We look after the interests of the user of the property at all times, however, this can also be offered by the landlord of the property.

As lessor of property on the basis of a standard rental agreement, you are responsible for the maintenance and repair of various elements in the building.

Many lessors are not aware of these responsibilities. The landlord will also ask for regular inspection of the documents of the lessor, so that you can demonstrate that you meet your maintenance obligations from the rental agreement in the right way.

The current shift of a landlord´s market to a lessor´s market requires another approach and action plan. Lessors now hold a good negotiating position thanks to the wealth of vacant properties, with enormous amounts on offer. For landlords, it is essential to distinguish themselves in the market both in office concepts as well as in their service provision.

We can offer a comprehensive package of services, where we take care of the management on behalf of the landlords and/or the service provision in the rented space. The latter can be commissioned by the lessor themselves, but can also be a service of the landlords. The service provision is hereby charged to the lessor by way of fixed or variable service costs.



icon-check we relieve the stress for the lessor
icon-check we offer total service provision concept for lessors
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We primarily focus on clients who are both owner and user. This specific situation requires a special approach. Property management and facility management in a single package. We offer this under one roof.

The regular property management, often commissioned by commercial owners of property, is characterised by the focus on return in the mid to long term.

When the same party owns and uses the property, the care for the property is far more focused on the usefulness of the property to the primary process of the user.

The ownership of property brings serious, sometimes legally specified, responsibilities and tasks with it. From the user function, people are often insufficiently aware of this. The owner/user is also often not sufficiently aware of possible liabilities. After all, their focus is often on their primary business process.

Flexim specifically focuses on the combination of property and user related tasks and responsibilities. We seamlessly connect both aspects to each other creating a total approach.

This approach ensures that the owner/user of the property has a professional approach towards the property. At the same time, a maximum connection of the property to the primary business process is achieved.



icon-check property and facility management under one roof
icon-check usefulness of the property
icon-check combination of property and use in a single total approach



We focus on government institutions, such as ministries, provinces and municipalities. The property within this category is often owned by the government and is subsequently leased to different users.

A trend within this sector is performance-based maintenance according to the NEN 2767-methodology. Here, maintenance parties guarantee a certain availability of functions within the building.

With regards to management and maintenance, government institutions will increasingly focus on strategy consulting, contract management and quality control in the future. They are set to fulfil a governing role with this.

Increasingly more tenders of technical maintenance and management intend to organise the supporting processes in a professional, transparent and structured way. By constantly laying the focus on preventing malfunctions, the specified performance level will be reached, which results in satisfied end users. The integral approach is the strength and the essence of the contract form used.



icon-check  monitoring performance-oriented maintenance
icon-check  we offer integrated services
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Flexim focuses on property with a public function. Examples of social property are schools, nurseries, sports facilities, swimming pools, libraries, community centres, hospitals, GP offices, mental healthcare institutions, museums, theatres, municipal offices and monuments. Approximately a third of all social property belongs to the authorities, primarily municipalities. Other owners are healthcare or educational institutions, housing corporations, foundations, private property parties, businesses and sometimes individuals.

The property within this category often consists of public buildings with a major diversity in end users: the building’s visitors. This means the exploitation of the property requires a completely different approach. The users of social property often have insufficient knowledge about the maintenance of buildings. In addition, the professional management of the building brings significant implementation costs for the own organisation. We can support these institutions with knowledge, expertise and capacity.



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