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With the professional management of a part of (or all) facility services within your organization, Flexim takes the role of ‘ Managing Partner’. In this role flexim takes complete responsibility for the content, organization and quality assurance of the facility services. Not by the facilitating ourselves, but by buying and organizing facility services on behalf of our clients.

We are able to guarantee 100% continuity, through our flexible pool of experienced facility coordinators. Do you have a concrete challenge, please feel free to contact us and we’ll discuss together what you’re looking for and how we can support you.

Total Facility

Total Facility Management, also known as Integrated Facility Management, is a form of service that includes multiple disciplines to ensure the functionality of the built surroundings by integrating people, place, processes and technology. Flexim can help organize your facility services. Total Facility Management usually consists of two areas, namely ” Soft ” and ” Hard ” services that can be bundled.



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FM Managing

The managed services model has become central to the business strategy of many companies and could be a key driver of global competitiveness. This model fosters the development of long-term, multi-year, SLA-based relationships. Flexim takes responsibility and accountability for agreed- upon strategic business outcomes. Projects typically have a large scope and scale and the knowledge gained by Flexim is invested back into the system so that the client’s benefits increase year on year.

These partnerships allow the sharing of risks and rewards, encourage innovation, embrace business change and contribute significantly to the strategic goals of both partners. Making complex decisions to obtain desired business outcomes requires a high level of FM maturity. It involves an understanding of factors that influence the FM service delivery.


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What distinguishes an outsourcing arrangement from any other business arrangement is the transfer of ownership of an organization’s business activities (processes or functions)-or the responsibility for the business outcomes flowing from these activities-to a service provider. In a typical outsourcing arrangement, the people, the facilities, the equipment and the technology (the Factors of Production) are also transferred to the service provider, which then uses the Factors of Production to provide the services back to the organization. The people are often transferred to the service provider, but this is not always the case. An outsourcing arrangement can be either “tactical” or “strategic.”


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Work with us?

We wonder how you arranged your facility organization and together we will look for opportunities to further professionalize your organization. Have you ever thought of setting up a management organization or even the empowering of your facility organization? Whether it’s the more efficient use of your team, the search for savings or flexibility of your service; We go with you and explain to you the possibilities.