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As a result of ever-increasing (technical) developments our clients need to adapt quickly to the changing world around us on a daily basis. What could be more pleasant than a partner who produces the desired quality while going along with that speed! Flexim is this flexible partner for its clients.

transparancy &
market conformity

Reliable and with entrepreneurial spirit, the Flexim staff provides in the best service. Service that is more than the market standard. Our staff always goes the extra mile. Also when clients don’t expect it. With an open sight and transparently to the surroundings.


‘ To be flexible ‘ is cast in the dna of Flexim. Our clients are essential. Not only what priorities they set at that time, but also what services they expect. Flexim always moves with her clients and will always adapt to the demands and wishes of the client.

& innovation

Flexim is an organization that follows its clients very closely. Even when they want to expand abroad. Flexim doesn’t stand still and follows the trends and innovations within the facility world carefully. Flexim often leads the business, because her facility roots lies in quite a few countries.


Our international


The Flexim network consists of more than 14 countries organizations. With this network, we have experience of the local market and combine that knowledge at the same time through our international network so we can support our clients in all countries. The presence in these countries is mainly chosen to follow our clients physically in the growth of their organisations.

31 August 2020

Rogier Verbeek appointed as new CEO Flexim Benelux

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19 May 2017

Flexim is active in the aerospace industry

Flexim is in the Netherlands active on 5 different locations for one of the leading companies in the aircraft...

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19 May 2017

Flexim launches a new corporate identity

Flexim has a new corporate identity! With our creative partner Enbiun we have been working on a new chapter...

Real Estate

We are a real estate organization who stands for complete support on high quality level. This strong focus on customer-oriented managing of properties sets us apart from others. Professionalism is one of the core values in our work. As property manager, we work for clients who use the real estate itself.


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Control &

On the basis of your overall business philosophy, vision and objectives starting points will be formulated for the future design and development of your facilities organization. We help organisations think about optimizing and professionalizing their facilities organization. Themes as in- and outsourcing, cost savings and more flexibility are the commonplace.

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Advice &

Flexim specializes in (facility) management consultancy, change management, performance monitoring and project management. We have vision on, knowledge of and experience with facility services and products and the organization and purchases thereof. Facility Management is a versatile occupation and this makes the occupation so interesting. Flexim presents itself as sparring partner, consultant and facilitator.

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Flexim is also able to support with clients permanently with a part of (or all) facility services within your organization professionally.


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The power of freedom.

The essence of good facility management is to give you more space. Space to grab new opportunities, come up with great ideas and make them happen. Therefore we obsessively seek ways to free up resources and increase focus on your core activities.

Putting all our energy into streamlining service functions, so you can put yours into driving your business. We see it as our mission to give you peace of mind. Using our ingenuity and flexibility to take care of your offices, properties and production facilities. By doing what we do best, you have the latitude to be your best. That’s what we call the power of freedom.

Your succes
is our mission

We are extremely curious at Flexim. A constant desire for knowledge helps us to penetrate to the core of your corporate culture and business processes. We appease this desire by listening to your story and by asking the right questions. Our pragmatic approach ensures that we can integrate our services effortlessly in your processes.


This approach allows us to become part of your team in no time. We use the experience we gain to develop and adapt our services. As a result, we improve your facilities and maximize performance. Because, your success is our mission.

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