23 July 2018

Flexim Foundation

On the initiative of a number of employees the Flexim Foundation was launched on July 3, 2018 . The Flexim Foundation is committed to improving the living conditions and increasing the future prospects of various vulnerable groups of individuels. The foundation wants to encourage employees, customers and suppliers of Flexim group to contribute to the mission of the Foundation. This wish will be broadly shared and communicated through various channels.

The first initiative to raise awarness and money has already been started by a number of employees of the Flexim Group. At the end of August, a group of employees and partners will take up the challenge to cycle within 48 hours from the Flexim headquater in Lausanne (Switzerland) to Hoek van Holland (NL). We are proud of the enthusiasm of our employees and wish them all the best!

If you have also become enthusiastic and would like to contribute to the Flexim Foundation or more information about the various projects, please contact flexim.foundation@fleximgroup.com