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At Flexim Group we all have one single goal: to offer you the absolute best in facility management. That is why we push, where others hold back. Why we ask questions, where others stick to what they know. And why we are agile, where others stay rigid. Our dedication and our drive have made us what we are today.
One of the world’s most innovative and reliable partners in our field. From first class service at the reception desk to well managed real estate, we cover all bases. Creating a better, more productive working environment to energize your business.


Welcome to Flexim.
Stephen Cointre Founder & CEO Flexim Group

Local experts.
Worldwide backup

Flexim Group has 21 offices in 14 countries. Each harbouring a team of local experts, backed up by a strong international network. Thus they can tap into a world of knowledge and take care of any facility challenge you throw at them. No matter if you aim to set a new standard in customer service or need help developing a complex project. Since its foundation in 1998, Flexim has been active in a sector that first had to carve out and conquer its market in Switzerland. The company has taken the next years to repeatedly enlarge her business throughout the rest of Europe. A main characteristic of this evolution is the remarkable rise in geographical locations, which has taken place in a series of periodic spurts. The obvious development of a broad customer base and the current comprehensive portfolio of services covering all the classic fields of
the Facility Management business, are living proof of the company’s varied past.

Many of our clients operate in different locations and/or countries. They expect the whole Group to use a similar approach and deliver the same high level of quality. This makes it vital to adopt and apply a common corporate culture.








is durable

Corporate Responsibility

Different companies have framed different definitions – although there is considerable common ground between them. Flexim definition is that CR is about how our company manages the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society.

Flexim decides voluntarily to contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment. We integrate social and environmental concerns in our business operations and in our interaction with our stakeholders on a voluntary basis. We endeavour to contribute to the communities in which we operate, particularly those neighbouring our sites, through the support of community initiatives and local charities. For instance, Flexim will co-organise a mini-marathon to promote sport activities for the youth in Lausanne in April 2013.
Since the 12th of June 2004, Flexim is one of the 1000 other companies in the world promoting the 10 principles of the United Nations ‘’Global Compact ‘’ program.

Therefore, we are committed to enforce these principles within all our daily business activity.


Responsible sourcing

  • Ensure that sustainability issues are proactively addressed in all aspects of the procurement process and monitor our progress in this area
  • Seek to reduce waste through reviewing the amount and type of materials purchased, and by exploring the opportunities to purchase refurbished, recycled and recyclable equipment, products and material

  • Source renewable energy wherever possible
  • Ensure that goods purchased by Flexim derive from natural sources where appropriate, do not have an adverse effect on the environment, and comply with EU and international trading rules
  • Ensure that vehicles purchased have low emissions of local air pollutants and climate change gases

  • Take account of the need to minimise emissions and exposure to air pollution in purchasing goods and services
  • Where appropriate, examine the environmental management practices of our current and potential suppliers
  • Our on-going programme of reviewing our procurement processes will seek to ensure they remain transparent and open

  • Flexim will purchase locally produced and organic food and drink where practicable
  • We will take measures to understand the impact our procurement activities have on local communities. We will encourage a positive contribution from our suppliers to the local communities in which they work on our behalf

What you need
is what you get

Traditional company structures may work well for some. But to us, they feel like boundaries holding us back. That is why we’ve opted for a less conventional way of running our business. Operating as an ecosystem of complementary specialists, rather than a rigid organisation. As a result, we can offer you flexible and experienced backup at a moment’s notice. Without experiencing the frustration of unnecessary procedures and overhead.

With this approach we use what is the absolute best in the market both in expertise and knowledge as inexcellent skillsets. We choose to continue to be the specialists in the field that is our focus and seek cooperation with partners that deliver us even more added value to our clients. In other words: you get what you need. Both in terms of benefits and in terms of costs. Simply a lean organization with a great ecosystem of partners around us.

”Our job is to help businesses
excel through a better working

We are driven by
our energy

The essence of good facility management is to give you more space. Space to grab new opportunities, come up with great ideas and make them happen. Therefore we obsessively seek ways to free up resources and increase focus on your core activities. Putting all our energy into streamlining service functions, so you can put yours into driving your business. We see it as our mission to give you peace of mind. Using our ingenuity and flexibility to take care of your offices, properties and production facilities. By doing what we do best, you have the latitude to be your best. That’s what drives us.

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It’s our business to
drive your business


At Flexim we are blessed with a curious nature. An insatiable appetite for knowledge, that helps us uncover the core of your company’s culture and operations. We feed it by listening to your story and asking the right questions. Taking a pragmatic approach to integrate our services into your way of working.

By doing so, we quickly become part of your team. Drawing on firsthand experience to develop and adapt our services. In this way we improve your facilities to maximize performance. And make it our business to drive your business.